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Natural Disasters and Weather pages 184-185

Afternoon Class 03/07/2013

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1.While Japan cleaned the ___ quickly, Haiti hasn't and suffers from diseases.
5.I fear that the Golden Gate ___ may collapse during a big tremor.
7.The tree was ___ over the house after the tornado passed through.
8.There was ___ all over the streets of Haiti after the earthquake.
10.___ lines burst and caused ___ in the city.
11.We ___ from the tsunami because of the advanced warning.
14.Japan was in a state of ___ and needed aid.
16.We only had 1 hour to ___ because it was mandatory.
20.I ___ a happy and successful year.
21.Australia had a severe ___ last year that killed many crops.
22.During the continual rain, Rio de Janeiro suffered from ___ and flooding.
23.The ___ in Taiwan had strong winds and a lot of rain.
2.The East Coast has many ___ and ___ Days.
3.The ___ ___ winds are dry and cause brush fires.
4.The tornado was ___ and killed 55 people.
6.The San Andreas ___ in CA is 700 miles long.
9.I was so stressed in traffic that I ___ and yelled.
12.The Amazon River has ___ ___ because of several droughts.
13.The ___ Scale measured Haiti's tremor at 7.0.
15.The security guard's voice was ___ and intimidating.
17.The ___ cloud interrupted flights.
18.The ___ used a match to burn down a big part of the forest.
19.The skier was ___ by surprise when the avalanche fell.

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