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The French Revolution

Ben Schumm

French Revolution Terms and Names. (no spaces)

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1.French political and social system where people were divided into three classes (2 Words)
3.The ill trained and indicicive king of France during the revolution (2 Words)
6.Parisian workers who wanted the revolution to bring great change to France
8.New governing body that replaced the Legislative Assembly (2 Words)
11.Period of radical social and political upheaval (2 Words)
13.Government body established by the Constitution of 1791 (2 Words)
14.The hated queen of France during the revolution known as "Madame Deficit" (2 Words)
16.One of the social classes France was divided into
17.A wave of senseless panic that swept through France (2 Words)
18.Execution device that was: efficient, humane, and democratic
19.Bankers, factories owners, and merchants of the Third Estate
2.Radical Jacobin Leader (2 Words)
4.Pledge of the National Assembly saying they won't stop until they had a new contitution (3 Words)
5.Radical journalist and politician during the French Revolution (2 Words)
6.Attack on a Paris prison for gunpowder (3 Words)
7.Period during the French Revolution in which thousands of people were beheaded (3 Words)
9.Nobles who had fled from France
10.Assembly of representatives from all three estates (2 Words)
12.Third Estate delegates that made laws and reforms for the French People (2 Words)
15.Radical political organization during the French Revolution

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