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Guess The Vocab

Manar Baker

1 2 3 4            
      11 12
13 14                  
19               20              

4.I would like to ____ my paper before its submitted.
5.The food that we eat, the clothing that we all wear everyday is all given by ____ from God.
6.The only _____ there was to get his dog back was to show the pet owners how much he loves him.
8.Emily was very ____ about the project due date.
10.Amy was the most ___ girl in the class.
13.People were saying in the camp they saw big foot, which seemed strange and _____.
17.Amy couldn't be seen with jamie because she's been a very mean and ____ person lately.
18.It was very hard from my mom to _____ me to go to the wedding with her.
19.Tthe class was very loud and _____ through out the speech.
20.Squidward, is never in the mood hes always mean and _____.
1.The airplane broke down it was hard to put together it was almost like it was _______.
2.There are many ____ that make up a community.
3.Atom's are very ____ it was only possible to see it through a microscope.
7.After the day was over amy was very ____ girl to know who got the hightest on there test.
9.It was very ____ to have a drink of water after the race.
11.After dropping the phone on the floor so many times it was ___ even though it was hard wood floor.
12.My teacher ____ with me when i asked to hand in my paper on Monday.
14.The bucks players were amazing at there game, they are very good and _____at what they do.
15.Everyone felt very relaxed and _______ after they heard the tornado warning was fake.
16.It was very ____ for superman to call the police his powers are undefeatable.

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