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Napoleon Bonapart/The Congress of Vienna

Ben Schumm

Napoleon Bonaparte and The Congress of Vienna Terms and Names (no spaces)

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3.Agreement between Russia, Prussia, and Austria to base their governments on Christian Principles (2 Words)
7.French military and political leader who took control after the French Revolution (2 Words)
11.Type of warfare when forces ambush the enemy then retreat
15.One of Napoleon's greatest victories where the French Empire crushed the Third Coalition (3 Words)
17.A vote of the people
18.Napoleon lost 300,000 men during this war with Spain (2 Words)
19.A sudden seizure of power. Literally "blow to the state" (2 Words)
1.Government-run public school to train government officials
2.The burning of crops and supplies so the enemy has to stretch their supply lines (2 Words)
4.European alliances saying countries would help prevent other revolutions (3 Words)
5.Napoleon's policy to attempt to cut off Britain's trade with Europe (2 Words)
6.Napoleon's final defeat, ending his last bid for power (3 Words)
8.A forcible closing of ports
9.Napoleon's naval defeat that destroyed his fleet and ensured British supremacy (3 Words)
10.Series of meetings to establish security and stability in Europe (3 Words)
12.The time from Napoleon's return from Elba to his final defeat (2 Words)
13.The idea that rulers Napoleon removed from power would regain conrtol
14.Set of laws that limited liberty and promoted authority (2 Words)
15.Idea of keeping all countries in Europe equal power (3 Words)
16.Agreement Pope Pius VII signed with Napoleon to restore the church in France

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