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Cognitive & Humanistic Perspectives

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3.What we would like to be. (2 Words)
6.This Approach is considered extremely scientific because data that is gained from direct scientific experimentation is used to support is theories.
7.influence of experiences, learned, modeling, environment, etc.
10.A psychologist who focuses on how we input, process, store information. (2 Words)
15.consists of a person's sense of awareness and all their ideas about who they are.
17.The gap between what you are and could become (the real self), and what you think you should be (the ideal self). The bigger the gap becomes, the unhappier we feel.
19.people learn how to behave from observing others' experiences. (2 Words)
20.A Cognitivist would consider human memory work similar to these.
1.Humanistic Psychology is conceded this, because its theories are \ul dependent\ulnone on the mind or on an individual's perception for its existence.
2.valued and respected without reservation (objection). (3 Words)
4.is a form of learning that is not immediately expressed; known until needed. (2 Words)
5.pretending to be something they aren't or convince themselves the world is other than it is.
8.Maslow thought that we are driven to satisfy our needs, but that some needs take precedence over others. (3 Words)
9.mental thoughts. (2 Words)
11.growth and the fulfillment of potential. (2 Words)
12.How much information that can be process at any one time. Cognitivist consider an important influence to behavior. Both inherent and developed.
13.People often believe that others will only love them if they achieve certain things, own certain possessions or act in certain ways. (3 Words)
14.rare, remarkable people who fulfill their potential completely.
16.People have the capacity to choose what they do,although they don't always realize this. (2 Words)
18.A psychologist who believes that people are free to direct their own destinies and strive to improve themselves.

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