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Article of the Week

By Me

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7.About how many different reefs are there? (Include Spaces) (2 Words)
12.About how many different kinds of fish are there? (Include spaces) (4 Words)
13.What is one thing at the top of the food pyramid?
15.Without Sharks to eat their prey what would happen?
16.Who wrote about Jimmy and Starfish are murdering the coral?
17.Who is wanted?
19.Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?
20.Who ate the worm on the hook?
22.True or Fake? Do Walrus live in the Great Barrier Reef?
23.Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
24.What is the term used to describe Corals whiteness?
25.What is another thing at the top of the food pyramid?
27.About how many different islands are there? (Include Spaces) (2 Words)
29.Who wrote the classified article on Mrs. Angel?
30.True or Fake. Sea snakes can only live in water?
31.Shochniminkawa's quote was “My momma taught me, try try try again, if you don’t succeed, simply bite of their head
35.About how many different types of coral are there? (Include Spaces) (2 Words)
36.What will be the weather on Friday?
37.Who did we interview on Her 3 sons being eaten?
40.How many different species of Sea snakes are there?
41.If turtles didn't die to be easy prey for sharks what would happen to other fish?
1.(What is the top part of the food pyramid called? (Include space) (2 Words)
2.What is 253 X 824 (No using calculators) (Add spaces) (8 Words)
3.Who wrote the classified ad on Mrs. Par 'Hana? (Include spaces in words) (2 Words)
4.What is eating the coral?
5.An evil shark that murders all the fish in the Great Barrier Reef for a "Good Cause"
6.Who wrote the classified ad on Mrs. Tibblewinker? (Include spaces in word) (4 Words)
8.True or Fake. My name is really Me?
9.About how many different types of birds are there? (Include Spaces) (3 Words)
10.Wrote the article on overpopulation?
11.What is the second day of the week?
14.What happens if there isn't bacteria? (Include Spaces) (2 Words)
18.True or Fake.Turtles live only in water?
21.Who wrote this article?
26.Who wrote Abiotic Factors in the Graet Barrier Reef?
28.Who wrote about Humans killing us all? (Include Spaces in words)
32.True or Fake. There seahorses in the Great Barrier Reef?
33.Who did Gwexo interview? (Include spaces in words) (2 Words)
34.What do turtles eat?
38.Who wrote about the homes at 50% discount
39.Who wrote the Weather article(s)?

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