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Alyssa Remigio

1             2 3       4
  5               6  
8             9    
11               12
14 15              
17         18          

1.Who murders King Hamlet?
3.Hamlet and Laertes fight in a
5.Who does Polonius send to France to spy on Laertes?
8.What does Hamlet call Polonius?
10.Who survives the play?
11.Hamlet's college is located in
13.Hamlet tells Ophelia to go to a
14.Who drowns?
16.Who goes back to France?
17.Hamlet's step father is also his
18.Who kills Polonius?
1.What kind of bird is in act one?
2.Hamlet's speeches are called
4.How many characters die in the play?
6.What kind of weapon kills Claudius?
7.What is Hamlet's college called?
9.What's Hamlet's mother's name?
12.Hamlet seeks
15.Where is Prince Fortinbras attacking?

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