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Madagascar 3


sorry if there is are spelt incorrectly. there is also no spaces

1 2 3 4
7                 8
11       12           13 14     15  
  16         17    
  18 19          

6.what does alex give atali to slip through the hoops
7.the girl cat alex falls in love with
9.where do the group need to go
10.the king of the lemurs name
11.what company produces madagascar 3
13.what bed item is madam doubwa hide under whilst escaping prison
16.hippos name
19.what does king julians gf ride
20.what powers the plane
21.the annoying little lemur
1.what makes the monkeys work 'double time'
2.what does madam doubwa work for
3.who is in charge of 'getting the group back to new york" but go to monte carlo instead
4.da da da da da da da da _ _ _ _ da da da da da da da da circus _ _ _ _ circus _ _ _ _ circus polkadot polkadot polkadot _ _ _ _
5.what does atali originally use to slip through hoops
8.what nationality is madam doubwa
12.giraffes name
14.what does atali jump through
15.what do they own and use as transport
17.lions name
18.king julians gf
20.zedbras name

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