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Learning outcome 1

Natalie and Cameron

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1.Sent along with the delivery, gives details of items delivered so items recieved match the details on the delivery note. Missing items are reported to the supplier
4.Completed by staff who wish to attend training courses
5.This is issued when goods have been returned because they are faulty or damaged
6.Specially designed by the firm and everyone applying for the job will complete one.
9.This is completed by departments requesting materials or stationery
10.Complted by customers. Orders can be taken on paper, over the phone, fax and internet
12.This department deals with all money coming in and going out of the organisation
13.They are responsible for selling goods or services to the customer. It involves attracting customers, delivering the products or services and dealing with enquires
15.This is prepared to ensure that holidays are spread out
16.quotes the price and gives delivery and payment methods
2.This requests information about products and prices. Usually firms will send ou about three of these to find the best deal
3.Will source and buy the raw materials needed to provide products or services to customers, e.g. stock, parts, furniture
7.This is completed every time stock is removed or goes into the storeroom.
8.This department is responsible for all matters relating to employees. This can include calculating wages, recruitment and selection and staff welfare.
11.Used on a daily basis ti ensure that there is enough work to cover workload each day

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