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Common Words

Ms Bessant

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1.A contraction e.g. "_______ going to the grand final game"
3.A very short answer
4.A short little word that we use a lot e.g. "I'm going ___ a friend's place after school"
5.When something is complete e.g. "I ate a _____ sandwich today for lunch"
6.When you're sure about something e.g. "I _____ he is telling me the truth"
8.When you're not wrong, you're _______
10.A place where something might be e.g. "The cups are over _____".
11.When you have to make a decision you might ask "_____ is the best choice?"
13.Your teachers will ask you to do quite a lot of this
14.A shortened way of saying "we are"
15.A place you might go to e.g. "Come and sit down over _____, Matt".
16.When you know something "I already _______ the answer before the teacher finished talking"
18.A place you might visit on a hot day
19.You might use this word in a question e.g. "_____ you doing the right thing, Sarah?"
20.A two letter word that you might say when you have had enough " ____ what!"
1.When you have to cross from one side of the road to the other, you sometimes go _________ a tunnel
2.What you might do in Ms Fitzgerald's class
3.When you haven't used something before, it is ______.
4.When there is a lot of something e.g. "I have ___ many oranges"
7.A woman on a broomstick who casts spells
9.Ownership e.g. " We are going to _____ party on Saturday".
10.Something sports people do e.g. "She _____ the ball to me"
12.Something you do with your ears
13.What you do with clothes e.g. "I'm going to ____ my blue top today"
14.A place e.g. "____ did I leave my keys?"
15.Your dog might dig one of these in your backyard
17.A pair
18.You use your eyes to ____ with

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