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Exploring the Nature of Teaching & Learning

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1.Scoring guide for an authentic/performance assessments
5.Art and science of teaching
9.Explanations of the mental processes that occur during learning
10.Act or process of teaching
11.Plan of studies that includes the ways instructional content is organized and presented at each grade level
14.An assessment that asks students to perform a task relating what they've learned to some real world problem or example
15.Understanding of how particular topic, problems, or issuses can be adapted & presented to match the diverse interests & abilities of learners
2.Theory that learning takes place in response to reinforcements from the outside environment
3.Explanations that describe how learning involves interactions between the learner & the social environment
4.Collecting information to determin the progess of a student's learning
6.Learning experiences that go beyond the formal curriculum
7.Individual's own pedagogy informed by their own beliefs and understanding of how students learn best.
8.Group of theories about knowlegde and learning whose basic tenet is that all knowledge is constructed by synthesizing new ideas with pior knowledge.
12.Classroom-based assessments that make use of the actual assignments that students are given as a unit is being taught.
13.Explanation of how learning typicallly occurs & about conditions that favor learning

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