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Our Civil Rights Movement

Seaaka Jones, Jasmine Wilson, Regina Johnson

the civil rights movement did and continues to change lives everyday, The civil rights movment not only gave people hope it set a whole new way of living life there was a countless number of people it effected, people like Malcom X ElShabazz with his strong confidence encouraged people to speak up and out about what they felt. Another person that touched the hearts of millions is Martin Luther King Jr. his I have a dream speech still inspires people today, but it was a hard road the K.K.K bombed churches for fun and they would even hang people. there was little to no legal consequnces to those who committed these hate crimes, Overall if it wasn't for the civil rights movement america would not b e as diverse as it is today in a way it open up the path for equailty.

i learned that back then colors had it very hard an d its sad that it had to be that way with things like how colored people couldn't go to the same school as whites or eat and use the restroom in the same places either, if it wasn't for people like Dr.King doing all that andthe civil rights movement and the people who helped him out. But today in the new world i learned that we all have rights and should be treated fairly and share the word that King delivered and keep his hope alive.

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3.Working and middle-class urban black people provided the backbone of this
6.leader of committee on an appeal for human right
11.the first colored ate a meaal at
12.Freedom ride was cosponsored by,
13.In 1950, BLANK won the Nobel Peace Prize for arranging a middle east
15.Black musicians pioneered the development of this dance, .
16.In 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson had sanctioned the principle of,
18.court case about the law school intergeration of 1950
19.four black freshmen from north carolina agricultural and technical college greensboro sat down at the white only lunch contureer in ?
21.in the 1960s issue or race realtions was kept from center stage during the very close help of
22.martin luther king was released from jail on
24.where did martin luther king bus boycott start
25.vice president richard nixon was leading a republican voice for stronger civil rights
26.what happened on august 28, 1963 in washington d.c
27.the ex.ecutive director of the sclc
1.In 1939 a case called BLANK won to stop segregation at Missour
2.widely reprinted and circulated as a pamphlet
3.malcome x was the preeminent spokesman for
4.In 1947 BLANK broke the color barrier in major league baseball
5.last name of the black leader who formed afro-american unity
7.assassinated on november 22, 1963 in dallas, tx
8.ordered a massive search for three activist
9.white and black workers learned the power of BLANK fighting for better
10.60,000 black voters signed up
14.This group was devoted to interracial, nonviolent direct action,
17.a laywer turned ascetic who had led a sucessful nonviolent resistance movement against british colonial rule in india
20.nearly 100 black ministers founded this
23.2. In 1946 BLANK created a Presidential committee on Civil Rights.

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