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Republican Politics of the 1920s

Summer Travis

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4.Clark ___________ (1928) rebuked the Roosevelt Corollary.
6.A group which peaked in 1924 that was violent to almost everyone except for white Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs).
8.President condemned for being so frugal and teaching students to live cheaply, because it was seen as leading to the depression.
11.A scandal involving a secret transfer of valuable naval oil reserves in WY and CA to Interior Department.
13._______ v. Children's Hospital (1923).
16.One of the two falsely accused Italian men executed for murder in 1921.
17.An act that loaned Germany money to help with their reparations.
18.Advocated "trickle-down" economics and the upper and lower class, setting the tax burden on the middle class.
19.Secretary of State that organized the Washington Disarmament Conference (1921).
20.President during the Red Scare (1919-1920).
1.Popular book published in 1922 by T.S. Eliot.
2._______-Briand Plan, made war "illegal" except for defensive purposes.
3.A project in which Congress gave $750 million for public buildings, river and harbor improvements, and highway construction to stimulate employment.
5.________ of the Budget (1921).
7.A period of time post-WWI in which Communism was feared greatly.
9.This president favored putting friends in government positions - which resulted in scandal.
10.Marches on DC to receive veterans bonus.
12.Founded the American Birth Control League.
14.President during the Great Stock Market Crash (1929).
15.A trial in which a teacher was convicted for teaching evolution to his students.

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