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1             2    
  3 4
6                       7          
8               9     10  
15 16 17                                          
18                                 19      

1.study of population numbers, distribution, trends, and issues
5.the large rise in the birth rate in the late 1940s and 1950s experienced by many counties in Europe and North America
6.figure calculated by dividing the population of a region by that region's area
8.yearly number of live births per 1000
11.yearly number of deaths under 1 year old per 1000
17.pattern showing where people live in an area
18.yearly number of deaths between 1 and 8 years old per 1000
21.yearly number of people per 1000 who move elsewhere
22.one of the categories of immigrants to Canada
2.difference between the birth rate and death rate
3.to enter a country other than your own native country to live there permanently
4.average lifespan of a population
7.measurement that combines both natural increase and net migration to calculate the overall growth of a country's population
9.to leave your country of origin to live elsewhere
10.graph that depicts population distribution by age/sex
12.number of new Canadians who have immigrated here from another country per 1000 of Canada's population
13.difference between people moving to a country and people moving elsewhere from that same country
14.something that attracts people to another country (e.g. freedom of speech, educational opportunities)
15.yearly number of deaths per 1000
16.how long it would take for a country's population to double at that country's current rate of population growth
19.a person who movers to a new country
20.something that makes people want to leave their country and move to another (e.g. discrimination, unemployment)

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