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Genetics Review Crossword!

Simran and Eva

2     3                   4
5                   6      
9 10                   11   12    
  13   14    
    15             16    
19             20    

2.Austrian Monk who discovered the study of heredity
5.It is a diagram used to predict the probability of the outcome of a cross
8.Contains a set of instructions
9.Contains DNA
12.Genetically modified organism
15.Observable characteristics of a person, eg.eye colour
18.Trait always shows
19.Control Center Of The Cell
20.DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
1.Having different alleles for a trait
3.To correct genetic disorders with genetic engineering
4.Bred from parents of different species
6.Different Forms of a Gene
7.A cluster of chromosomes
10.Same alleles for a trait
11.Is the genetic make up of a person
13.The study of heredity
14.Trait is covered up by dominant
16.Bred from parents of the same breed or variety.
17.A characteristic belonging to a person

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