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Coastal change and conflict

Charles Thorp Comprehensive School

All of those lovely terms and definitions that help you get a higher grade...

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1.A coastline created when alternating hard and soft rocks occur at angles to the coast and are eroded at different rates
5.Water from a breaking wave which flows under gravity down a beach and returns to the sea
6.The movement of material along a coast by breaking waves
8.A detached column of rock just located off-shore
10.An approach to environmental management that treats the whole area as an interrelated system
16.Material deposited by the sea which grows acrss a bay or mouth of a river
17.Weathering and mass movement
18.Letting nature take its course
20.A part of the coastline that protrudes into the sea
21.The wearing away and removal of material by a moving force, such as a breaking wave
22.A coastal region composed of resistant material
23.A stack that has collapsed, leaving a small area of rock above sea level
24.Using solid structures to resist forces of erosion
2.The reorganisation of coastal defences that is often part of managed retreat
3.Large, powerful waves with high frequency that tend to take sediment away from the beach
4.The distance of sea over which wind blows and waves move towards the coastline
7.The dropping of sediment that was being carried by a moving force
8.A coast made up of easily eroded materials
9.The inundation of low-lying areas in coastal regions and areas
11.The process and plans applied to coastal areas by local authorities and agencies
12.Downslope movement, by gravity, of soil and / or rock by the processes of slumping, falling sliding and flowing
13.The breakdown and decay of rock by natural processes, without the involvment of any moving forces
14.A feature produced when erosion creates an indent in the coastline, often located between two headlands
15.Small, weak waves with a low frequency that tend to add sand and other sediment to the coastline
19.The forward movement of water up a beach after a wave has broken

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