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Sharon Lambert

Chapter 5 Net+

1     2 3
  4 5  
  8                   9 10  
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  18 19 20        

1.Introduced by the IETF in 1999
6.Each node is connected to the two nearest nodes so that the entire netowrk forms a circle
8.When two transmissions interfere with each other.
11.The most robust type of network backbone.
13.Consists of a sinlge cable connecting all nodes on a network without intervening connectivity devices
15.A connection is established between two network nodes before they begin transmitting data.
16.Most popular method ofr connecting nodes on a network.
22.Consists of a number of connectivity devices connected to a series of central connectivity devices.
23.Developed by Xerox in the 1970s
2.Every node on the network is connected through a centrla device, such as a switch, router, or hub.
3.Is the basic physical laoyout of a netowrk.
4.This type of topology describe how signals travel over a network between nodes.
5.A measure of the highest frequezncy of signal a multimode fiber can support.
7.Simplest kind of backbone
9.in a star-wired bus toplogy,all the hubs are networked via this.
10.Used to form a more complex hybrid topology.
12.Terminators are used to stop this.
13.The cabling that connects the hums, switches and routers on a network.
14.A component of a network's logical topology that determines how connections are created between nodes.
17.This type of backbone toplogy uses a router or switch as the single central connection point for muliple subnetworks.
18.The bytes added to the data portion of an Ethenet frame to ensure this field is at least 46 bytes in size.
19.Bus networks rely on this type of toplogy.
20.LANS employ this type of physical topology.
21.Workstations partiicpate in deliver makes the ring toplogy this type of toplogy.

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