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Susan + Tom

How well do you know these two love birds??

1 2 3 4 5         6  
        8     9   10
11                 12        
18                 19 20  

5.What is the name of the coffee shop where Susan & Tom went on their first date?
7.What singer does Tom often joke and say is his favorite?
8.What is the name of the Berry family dog?
11.Where was Susan & Tom's love connection made?
12.What is the name of the company Susan works for?
14.Who played in the first football game Tom and Susan ever watched together?
16.What is Susan and Tom's favorite kind of beer?
17.What event Susan hold a River Falls Pool record in?
18.What can Susan never go on a trip without?
21.Where are Susan and Tom going on their honeymoon?
22.Where did Tom propose?
1.What is Susan's zodiac sign?
2.Where was Susan's college job? (and where she learned to make bubble tea)
3.What do Tom and Susan's want to name their future dog?
4.Where did Tom go to High School his senior year?
6.What was the first concert the couple saw together at the 9:30 club?
9.How many hours did Tom and Susan's first date last?
10.What is the month Susan & Tom's met (and also got engaged!)?
12.What was one of the sports Tom played in high school?
13.What State does Susan's Grandparents live in?
15.Where did Tom take Susan for her birthday in 2012?
19.Where does Susan always go when she in Potomac visting her parents?
20.What kind of beer did Tom, Rob and Andrea brew together for the first time?

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