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Medication Safety

Avera Education & Staffing Solutions

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2.done as a safety check prior to giving a resident a med
6.recording of med is done ____________ administering
8.med Safety 'rights': Individual/resident, med/MAR, Dose, Time, Route, Documentation
12.abbreviation for undesirable med response that is noxious/unintended
15.when drug is taken away there are physical symptoms of withdrawal
16.never _______________ meds with bare hands; never dispose of meds in trash
19.meds are only dispensed and labeled by this medication professional
21.complete one of these if you make a medication error
23.avoid drinking fluids or water within 20 minutes after giving this liquid cough med
25.what to do before starting medication pass
27.unintentional wrong; person didn’t act in a reasonable or careful manner
29.no meds left at bedside or location without ____________ order & assessment
30.as needed only; check with nurse before giving med/per facility policy
31.refrigerated meds 36 - 46 degrees
33.To be done immediately
35.should be changed every time in contact with new person, route, or new surface
36.place on surface to prevent cross-contamination of microorganisms
37.study of what the drug does to the body
39.severe allergic reaction or shock when body reacts to presence of a med
42.trained in medication administration; certificate of completion
44.resistance to effect of the med; need to take larger doses to produce same effect
47.must know facility med _______________ to know what to do
48.prescription information on med container; compared against the MAR
50.med mixed with liquid but not dissolved in it; shake well
52.meds that require double lock and count
53.meds that may not be ____________ (enteric-coated, gel-coated, capsules, time-release)
54.to learn more about medications, check these references
55.moisture, heat, and _____________ can destroy meds and/or effectiveness
56.rectal suppositories are given in this left _______________ position
57.needed: Key safekeeping, medcart locked, medroom door locked
58.need to be worn on hands with potential to contact blood/body fluid or substances
1.med that is applied to the skin by patch; if narcotic patch destroy & disposition by at least MedAide and Nurse
3.wait at least ______________ minutes, between administering different eye med
4.abnormal, recurrent, involuntary movements due to antipychotic meds
5.if this date has passed, do not give drug
7.number of 'checks' must be done before administering any med
9.official name for a drug; the brand name is name of drug that is owned by manufacturer
10.record of med destruction or location of meds refused, expired, discontinued, contaminated
11.if adminstering eye drops and eye ointment, give eye ___________ before ointment
13.negligence by a professional (status because of training/service provided)
14.med routes MedAide can't give; Intravenous, Intrmuscular, Subqutaneous, Intradermal
17.check for ____________________ (adverse hypersentivity) before giving med
18.HIPAA; keep resident medication info. out of view or within hearing distance
20.taking drugs not for medical reasons
22.______________ opposite nare when administering nasal spray
24.neurological side effects occurring from days of treatment by meds to years later
26.expected, reaction or effect occurring with predicable frequency
28.nurse notified and what to do with your initials if med not given
29.refers to the chemical changes that medications cause in the body
32.medication prescribed on the basis of this primary effect
34.not doing FSBS, eye drops, skin treatments, or procedures in public view
38.these drugs are dissolved under the tongue
40.do hand ___________________ before and after applying and removing gloves
41.steinhaled meds may cause yeast infection; rinse and spit after inhalers and nebs
43.wait at least ________________ minutes between puffs of an inhaler
45.dose that is too large for age, size, physical condition that is more than body can tolerate
46.after giving PRN med, always record a timely effect or reaction to the med
49.may this ____________________-based rub or gel if hands not visibly soiled
51.important person MedAide goes to with questions about med concerns

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