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Russia - Quiz Review

Mr. G.

Complete this puzzle to prepare for the Russia quiz. You may USE YOUR NOTES to complete the puzzle.

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  3   4              
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    11     12 13
    17 18             19    

1.The former name of Russia and the 14 other countries that were combined into one country between 1917 and 1991.
3.Permanently frozen ground, often found in Siberia.
5.The shrinking sea between Uzbeketistan and Kazakhstan.
8.Russia's capital.
10.The region of Russia on the Baltic Sea near Poland.
14.A problem experienced in Russia since 1991 where dishonesty has prevailed in Russia’s business and government.
16.The czar that made Russia into a modern European country.
18.The world's deepest and oldest fresh water lake.
21.has more of these than any other city in the world.
22.The mountain range separating Russia from Georgia and Azerbaijan.
23.A political and economic system where the government controls and owns all of the businesses and property.
24.The cold, sparsely populated region that is rich with resources and stretches from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.
2.The ruthless leader of the Soviet Union during World War II.
3.A serious problem in Russia today caused by high death rates, low birth rates, and low immigration.
4.family that ruled Russia for more the 300 years.
6.The city built by Peter the Great.
7.A type of alcohol drank by many Russians.
9.This land feature separates Europe and Asia.
11.The name of huge grassland is southern Siberia.
12.A vast evergreen forest in Siberia.
13.The Soviet Union’s first leader.
15.The type of economic system in Russia today.
17.The 1917 revolution that ended the rule of Russia's czars and began the era of communism.
19.Peninsula in far eastern Russia with many volcanoes.
20.is the world’s 2nd largest exporter of this resource.

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