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shawshank redemption

stephen king

  2   3      
  6         7
9             10 11   12        
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16     17         18    

1.what did warden Norton make Andy clean?
2.what job did Andy take over from Brooks?
5.what was Andys profession?
6.who was the old librarian?
9.what did Andy and Red play outside?
12.how many years was Andy sentenced?
13.where did the warden Norton send Andy for fifty days?
15.what village in mexico did Andy say he was going to?
16.what was the name of the warden?
18.what was Andys first person or friend in shawshank?
19.what did brooks name his pet bird?
20.what did Andy ask from the guards on the roof?
1.what was Andy sentenced for?
3.where did andy hide the box?
4.what ocean did the mexicans believe had no memory?
6.what guy from the sisters took interest in Andy?
7.what was the name of the gang in the prison?
8.what state did Andy send a postcard to red?
9.what was Andys favourtie game?
10.what prison was Andy sent too?
11.what was the first thing Andy asked from red?
13.what did Andy crawl through to escape the prison?
14.what job did Andy and a couple guys go tar?
17.what did the guards and the warden make Adny do for them?
18.what did Andy like to study in prison?

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