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Age of Industrialization

Sean St.Clair

1 2 3
    6   7
9                           10  
16         17                
19           20
      21 22            

4.US warship that exploded in Havana harbor killing 265 soldiers
5.Author and poet who penned, The White Man's Burden
9.Residential housing and retail outlets are owned by one large employer
11.Person who exploits resources and labor to make a great fortune
13.Pride in nation and its military capability
15.Cavalry unit led by future president Teddy Roosevelt
16.One of nations ceded to USA by the Treaty of Paris
17.Social Darwinism shaped this President's foreign policy
19.First national union that attempted to unite industrial workers
21.Utilize several warships to block access to harbors
23.Pride in professional soldier class and nation's armed services
24.Take over all political and economic functions of a weaker nation
25.Oil, Gold and Farmland are examples of __________?
1.Transportation link that created new markets
2.First national wildcat stike that paralyzed nationwide rail traffic
3.Industrialist that deployed horizontal integration strategy in steel industry
6.Archipelago battling for independence against Spain and then USA
7.Assasinated Predident who committed USA to go to war with Spain
8.Key product that enabled the age of Industrialization
10.Dominate trade by taking resources and threatening citizens
11.Extending nation's authority by territorial acquisitions
12.Utilize warships and navy to threaten and dominate weaker nations
14.Capitalist that utilized vertical integration strategy to monopolize oil industry
18.Island Nation that was attempting to overthrow Spanish colonialists
20.Newspaper mogul who practiced Yellow Journalism
22.European immigrants, Freedmen, and Chinese laborers were________?

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