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Chapter 1 Animal Farm Puzzle

Mr. Bird

1 2
5 6         7
9   10          
  12         13   14  
15     16         17      
18 19                    
20           21                    
  22               23      

4.the sound a cow made; mooed
6.A ruler, cruel and oppressive, who uses power unjustly
8.A beam in the roof
10.a climate region
12.the front leg of four-legged farm animal
15.a small sound a bird makes
17.the fecal matter of animals
19.having or showing lofty dignity or nobility
20.to misstep, to totter
21.the rear end of an large farm animal
22.to pay attention or listen to what is said
23.a small, two-wheeled, two person, horse-drawn carriage
24.a kind of orange, or a part of a traditional folk song
25.Delicately small, pretty
1.a sound a horse makes
2.the hair on the back of the neck of a horse or similar animal
3.the sound made by sheep and goats
5.another name for pig
6.news and information
7.To work very hard or laboriously
9.to roll or lean forward suddenly
11.A room in a house traditionally used for washing dishes and laundering clothes
13.to settle into a comfortable or secret place
14.a dog bred specifically to hunt for small prey animals
16.being actively opposed or hostile to someone
17.in opposition to an official position
18.sounding rough and harsh
24.the regurgitated plant material chewed by a horse or cow

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