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The Human Body

Mrs. Day

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51         52                

5.pouch that stores bile
7.type of waste that travels out of the rectum
11.helps with blood clotting
13.basic unit of life
16.organ systems maintain this
17.clusters of cells that perform the same function
18.gas exchange for blood vessels
20.breaks down fat in foods
21.the brain serves as the _______ center for the body
23.thought center
26.white blood cell type that fight antigens
27.instruction pathway
29.mixture of broken down food & digestive juices
33.systyem that controls growth and reproduction among other things
35.system that supports the body
37.grapelike clusters
38.bile maker
39.passways from the trachae to the lungs
41.breathing muscle
42.body response system
47.insulin producer
50.filters out blood toxins
51.the stomach secretes this to breaks down food
52.disease agent
53.system that removes pathogens
1.major muscle
2.waste gas removed from the body
3.main organs of the excretory system
6.skin flap that keeps food out of the trachae
8.made of tissues performing the same function
9.iron rich protein
10.groups of organs
12.system that rids the body of waste
14.provides the body with fresh oxygen
15.system that delivers oxygen rich blood to the cells and systems
19.remove antigens
22.excess water waste
24.location of blood cell manufacture
25.conducts muscle cell inpulses
28.fingers and toes
30.skeletal & nervous system partners
31.carry blood away from the heart
32.excess water removal glands
34.pipe that connects the mouth to the stomach
36.involuntary contractions of the diaphram
40.connection between pharynx and lungs
43.folded surfaces in the small intestines
44.1st line of disease defense
45.small tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder
46.carry blood back to the heart
48.major musle of circulatory system
49.lymph nodes restore this to the circulatory system

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