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chapter 16 vocab

diego marquez

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3.is the constitutional protection against unlawful imprisonment (2 Words)
7.a charge that was commanded by george pickett (2 Words)
8.a key battle that finally turned the tide against the confederates (3 Words)
12.to perform carry out
16.a new idea or way of doing something
25.first major battle of the civil war (5 Words)
27.consisted mostly of free african americans (3 Words)
28.the freeing of slaves
29.18th president of the usa (3 Words)
30.ships heavily armored with iron
31.was know as the angel of the battle field (2 Words)
32.a general of the union started the peninsular campaign (3 Words)
1.was the 1st commissioned american admiral (2 Words)
2.the states that were wedged between the north and the south (2 Words)
4.a series of battles designed to capture the confederate capital (2 Words)
5.a battle in which the union gained greater controllothe Mississippi valley (3 Words)
6.praised the bravery of union soldiers and renewed his commitment to winning the civil war (2 Words)
9.the order to free all the confederate slaves (2 Words)
10.confederate general who commanded picketts charge (2 Words)
11.jacksons troops met popes union forces in august (5 Words)
13.american confederate general led the shenandoah valley campaign (3 Words)
14.a confederate general who graduated from west point (3 Words)
15.destroying civilian and economic resources (2 Words)
17.where lee surrendered to grant (2 Words)
18.in mid may 1863 the union cut off vicksburg and began shelling it (3 Words)
19.the idea that great britian would support the confederacy because it needed the Souths raw cotton to supply its booming textile industry (2 Words)
20.escaped slaves
21.mid westerners that sympathized with the south
22.a union general who came up with a 2 part strategy (2 Words)
23.was the bloodiest battle of the civil war (3 Words)
24.started on june 26 forced union troops to retreat (3 Words)
26.a federal outpost in Charleston south Carolina that was attacked by confederate troops begging the civil war (2 Words)

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