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Computer Terminology

How well do I know my computer?

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1.The instructions for the computer or a program designed to do different things.
5.The small blinking line that shows you where your next typed letter or number will go
7.Left click on something and hold the button down. This will move the object you clicked on and will leave it where you let go of the button.
10.Usually a small arrow on the screen that moves when you move the mouse
11.This is the process where you copy something from another computer or the Internet, and save it on your computer
12.A picture that pops up when you are not using your computer
13.a secret code to protect your data and can keep others from accessing your computer
16.Make a copy of data onto a CD
20.A picture or an image
23.The bar beside the Start button that shows what programs are open
25.The first page you see when you open your browser.
26.This is the screen that appears if you don't have any programs open.
27.A way to send a message from one computer to another
28.Software that was written to do bad stuff to your computer
2.Group of internet servers linking computers around the world
3.Quick path to a program, usually by clicking on an icon instead of looking for the program.
4.Any information stored by a computer
6.Anyone using a computer
8.When you so this you are given a menu of options
9.The address of documents and resources on the internet
12.Unwanted bulk advertising messages sent to random email accounts.
14.A picture or design on your desktop for decoration
15.A small symbol or picture that represents a program
17.Where the computer stores the data.
18.You have to do this to get access to a computer.
19.An abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions
21.Many computers that are connected like a web so you can see what other computer operators show you and you can show them things as well
22.An extra copy of a file or document.
24.The program you use to browse files on the internet.

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