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Raffles Institution

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1.An___________ molecule which has both hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions
4.The functional group present in fatty acids
6.Non-polar molecules are __________ in nature
9.An organic solvent used to test for the presence of lipids
11._______fatty acids have C=C bonds present in their hydrocarbon tails
14.__________ molecules have an uneven distribution of electrons within them
15.Three fatty acid molecules join to a glycerol molecule via ________ linkages to form triglycerides
2.Large molecules like lipids are known as
3.Regulates membrane fluidity
5.Lipids have a smaller proportion of this element to carbon & hydrogen as compared to carbohydrates
7.'Kinks' are more pronounced on hydrocarbon chains when C=C are in ______ configuration
8._______ of triglycerides produces metabolic water
10.A stable arrangement of phospholipids in an aqueous environment
12._______ acts as an energy store in plants
13.Condensation reactions involve the removal of ________ molecules

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