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Things to be grateful for in our lives

Shirley Mlotywa

1     2 3
4     5   6  
8         9
10       11         12              
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        23     24      
    26           27        
        28         29  
31 32              
  34 35      
36             37         38  
40         41        
42     43          

1.for the ability to think
5.for giving you a chance to experience all that you're experiencing
7.for helping you grow and become who you are
10.for letting you feel what it means to be truly alive
11.for helping you mature in life
14.for bringing in the light and beauty in this world
16.for giving you a source of living
17.for you to soak in the beauty of life
18.for letting you improve and become a better person
21.for adding to the diversity of life
22.for fighting viruses that enter your body
23.for leeting you hear trickle
25.for creating the environment for life to begin
26.for making our lives more effecient and effective
28.for you to appreciate the spectrum of human emotions
30.for making life possible
31.for making it easier to stay in touch with others
33.for bieng closest kin in the world
36.for letting you run, walk and play sport
37.for giving you outlet to express yourself
40.for letting you breathe so you can leave
41.for letting you savour the sweetness
42.for you to sleep cormfotably every night
43.for letting you see colors
2.so you know the things that matter to you
3.giving you the ability to type on your computer
4.for a system to organise yourself and keep on track
6.for being your companion in life
8.for letting you feel the texture of your clothes
9.for giving birth
12.for adding wisdom into our life
13.for you to become a stronger person in life
15.for making the impossible things to become possible
19.for providing an environment conducive to learning and growing
20.for protecting your feet when you are out
22.for connecting you and me despite the physical space between us
24.for a beautiful sight to look forward to after rain
27.for helping you uncover your blind sport so you can become a better person
29.for a beautiful sight to end the day
32.for a place you can call home
33.so you know opportunities to grow
34.for letting you smell scented candles, perfumes and flowers
35.for cooling you when it gets too warm
38.for pumping blood in all the parts of your body
39.for helping you express your deepest emotions

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