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1       2 3 4           5        
11                 12
  14   15              
16 17                    
18               19      

1.Not able to breathe:
4.Painful sexual intercourse.
6.An agent administered to work against a poison.
7.Against infection.
8.Inner lining of the uterus.
10.The transparent membrane covering the eyeball.
11.No (lack of) appetite. From the Greek orexis, meaning “appetite.”
14.No sensation.
17.Difficult digestion. From the Greek pepsis, meaning “digestion.”
18.If an organ slides or falls forward, the condition is called
20.Early stage of an illness; that which “runs before.”
21.The spread of a cancerous tumor away from the orignal location
2.To draw or lead away from the body.
3.Of a wavelength above and beyond that of visible violet light.
5.Protruding (“out”) eyeball.
6.An irregularity that occurs at...."congenital.....?"
9.A vague feeling of bodily discomfort.
12.The equally divided early, middle, and late stages of pregnancy.
13.A return of symptoms of illness:
15.The flap of cartilage above the entrance to the trachea.
16.Without coordination
17.Abnormal growth and development; from the Greek trophe
19.To draw or lead toward the body.

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