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Code Red

S. Andronico RN

Educational tool for fire response in Medical facility.

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1.to ...... a fire, bring a fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire, only if it is safe to do
3.in R.A.C.E. the letter "A" stands for .......
4.staff should close doors in the area of the ....
6.staff should be able to describe the proper use of the fire ..........
10.the Medical Center is built to smoke compartments to facilitate ......evacuation
11.is known as the fire response plan
12.when notifying the operator of the fire make sure to provide the exact ......of the fire.
13.the ........ should be called using the "code" button on the telephone.
2.a full evacuation may only be called by ................on call of the Fire Department
4.the operator of the fire extinguisher should be located 8-10 .... from the fire when in use.
5.in the "PASS" procedure the "P" stands for ....
7.it is important to announce "code-red" to ........
8.part of "alarm" is to activate the nearest fire alarm or .... ...
9.staff should acknowledge the need to ...... those in immediate danger.

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