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A crossword for Renn

Nat & Zac

A crossword for Renn to do while in hospital. If you don't know the answers, look them up on Google. We hope you enjoy this.

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1.What is the southern most state that is also an island?
3.What is something that slithers on the ground and makes a hissing sound?
7.What is the capital city of Australia?
8.What city hosted the 2000 Olympic games?
9.What is the name of a large rock in the middle of Australia?
10.What is a marsupial that burrows in the ground?
2.Is Australian in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere?
4.What tree does a Koala live in and eat?
5.What is an animal with a long tail that hops and has a pouch?
6.What is an animal that lays eggs, swims in the water and has a bill like a duck?

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