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- Lessons 1 & 2 -

Mr. Smith's class

Vocabulary from the classroom and the first two lessons of the National English Curriculum.

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1.this is a collection of tricky or difficult words that we learned
4.you can write lots of things down in this
5.a kind of general rule or theme
7.the nice man who usually works a lot but plays with you
10.a plan of action
12.this holds many of your writing utensils
15.a close male family member who can be either younger or older than you
16.we have to do this to exercise our brain
17.it happens early in the day
2.when we dilingently keep this, we can see our language progression over time
3.when the sun goes down
6.what we are expected to learn
8.this period of time occurs right in the middle of each day
9.a type of container that holds your personal things
11.a close female family member who might be younger or older than you
13.that heavy book in our classroom that has lots of interesting stories
14.the person who gave birth to you
18.this helps paper stay stuck together

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