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Raffles Institution

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  3 4        
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  16       17    

4.Primary structures of proteins are determined by _______
5._______-links between tropocollagen molecules form collagen fibrils
8.Linear chain of amino acids
9.Amino acids are _______ and, thus, are able to act as buffers
11.An element found in proteins but not carbohydrates or lipids
13.Protein with a quaternary structure
15.Protein made up of primarily alpha helices
16._______ bond is formed between two amino acids
18.Group found at the N-terminal of polypeptide chain
1.Alpha helices and Beta-pleated sheets are examples of __________ structures of proteins
2.Loss of 3-D conformation of proteins
3.Amino acids exist as __________ in aqueous solutions
6.Collagen fibrils unite to form Collagen _______
7.Type of interaction formed between non-polar R-groups of amino acids in tertiary structure of proteins
10.Only type of bond present in secondary structures
12.Amino acid which is found in high amounts in collagen
14.Glutamic acid is changed to ________ in abnormal haemoglobin found in sickle-anaemia patients
17.Bond formed between oppositely charged R-groups of amino acids in the tertiary structure of proteins

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