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- Reading -

Mr. Smith's class

1 2 3 4 5
6             7            
      11 12      
13   14                  
15                 16  
21   22        

6.a collection of sentences related to a similar thought
8.to do something on your own
9.consonants and vowels combined to make a single understandable idea
12.the person who saves the day
14.people in the story
15.the original version of a book with a sturdy cover
17.the person who created pictures to describe the story
18.the time and location of a story
19.a type of stories
20.the most evil person of a story
22.the name of the book
23.a short description of what the story is about
24.electronic books available for ereaders like the kindle or iPad
1.the people who make books
2.someone who writes
3.the side of the book
4.a group of words that makes a complete thought.
5.the part of the book that has the title, author's name and usually a picture to catch your attention
7.a soft paper version of a popular book
10.a personal diary
11.the main character
13.a divided section of a book
16.the part of the book that has a short summary of the story. The publisher writes this hoping that you will buy the book
18.something that ruins the most interesting part of the book
21.the person who wrote the book

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