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Proof Procedure & Legal Considerations

Wayne Perrilloux

Terms and definitions used in proofreading

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2.trial reproduction of type and illustrations to reveal errors or flaws
4.customer signature approving a proof and authorizing the job to advance
5.making imitation or copy (money, painting) with intent to deceive
7.author's alteration
8.reading copy on a proof and marking any errors or flaws for correction
9.line drawn from error in proof to symbol for error in nearest margin
11.using copyrighted material to reduce the profits from the copyright holder
1.limitation on the exclusive rights of copyright owner
2.symbols and abbreviations used by proofreaders to indicate corrections
3.writing or illustrations considered obscene
6.protection for authors literary, dramatic, musical, and similar works
9.printer's error -change made because of printer/typesetter error
10.written or pictorial that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression

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