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1.treaty that ended the Crimean War in 1856 (3 Words)
3.A group formed in 1876 that began to promote the assassination of various prominent officials as a means to pressure the government into political reform (4 Words)
5.the massacre that occurred in 1905 when workers marched on St. Petersburg to petition Tsar Nicholas for political concessions and were met with gunfire from government troops, culminating in chaos throughout Russia (3 Words)
7.A well intended but weak ruler that ascended to the throne in 1894 after the death of Tsar Alexander II that championed oppression and police control (3 Words)
8.Alongside St. Petersburg, one of the Russian cities that became notorious for miserable working and living conditions of factory workers
9.Minister of france from 1892-1903 and prime mover behind the Russian industrialization (3 Words)
12.The authorities that repressed manifestations of radicalism but just encouraged revolutionaries to further engage in conspiratorial activities
13.The majority of peasants, bound to the lands they cultivated
15.Anti-Jewish riots frequently tolerated by the Tsarist authorities, causing Jew to migrate to the west by the hundreds of thousands
17.Russia's first parliamentary institution, reluctantly established by the Tsar encouraged by Witte
18.People who opposed the Russian government during the last three decades of the nineteenth century, spreading rebellious ideas between industrial cities
2.Railroad which opened Siberia to large-scale settlement, exploitation, and industrialization (3 Words)
4.The conflict that began with a Japanese surprise attack on the Russian naval squad at port Arthur in 1904 (2 Words)
6.The Church in Russia from which the Tsars enjoyed the support of (3 Words)
9.military conflict (1853-1856) between Russia and a coalition including Britain, France, the kingdom of Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire (2 Words)
10.Tsar that abolished serfdom in 1861, saying " It is better to abolish serfdom from above than to wait until,the serfs begin to liberate themselves from below." (3 Words)
11.A terrorist faction of the Land and freedom Party that resolved to assassinate tsar Alexander II, ending the reform (3 Words)
14.The dynasty in Russia between 1613 and 1917
16.district assemblies elected by the government to deal with local issues of health, education, and welfare.

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