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Lessons 3 & 4

Mr. Smith's class

Vocabulary words taken from class and Lessons 3 & 4 from the National Curriculum

1 2
3 4   5 6  
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7.things to use at school or office
8.this is one of our six senses
9.we take notes in this
10.a container to hold your personal things
13.something to protect you against the rain
14.we should do this to our hands often
15.we can do this in a pool
1.something we are not supposed to do in the hallways
2.a small bag to hold your writing utensils
3.we buy this for our friends on their birthday
4.ancient animals that used to roam the Earth
5.a small colored cylinder of wax used to draw with
6.a small, green amphibian
11.something sticky that keeps paper stuck together
12.the color of our classroom
15.we usually do this in class

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