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Review Crossword

Daevonne Harris

My crossword includes math vocabulary words I have learned about in Math class.

1   2             3
5                         6    
9                   10    
12               13    
14                       15
  17   18              
19           20
23               24          

1.determine the rate of 1. unit
5.the increase of decrease of a percent
7.a angle greater then 90
8.3 sided shape
9.what you do on one side you do on the other
12.a number by itself
14.a angle less then 90
18.number lower than 0
19.some thing you give waitress or waiter
21.doesn't use a equal sign
22.money paid on an investment
23.a letter beside a number
24.a round shape
2.solve the same way as a equation
3.a 4 sided shape with right angles and all equal sides
4.a 5 sided shape
6.a educated guest
10.a math problem using a equal sign
11.8 sided shape
13.the number beside a letter
15.1:2 -1 to 2- 1/2
16.the extra pay of something
17.number greater than 0
20.a type of problem

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