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Safety Crossword

2   3                
  5                     6
    8 9      
    13 14
15     16            
17       18        

1.Report any accident, ___or hazardous condition to the teacher immediately
2.Never open storage cabinets or enter the prep/storage room without ___from the teacher.
5.Bring only your ___instructions, worksheets, and writing instruments to the work area.
10.No ___may work in the laboratory without an instructor present.
11.Return all ___clean and in working order to the proper storage area.
12.Perform only authorized and approved ___.
15.Never pick up hot or broken ___with your bare hands.
17.Never cut any material towards you always cut ___from your body.
18.Do not ___any equipment or other materials until you are instructed to do so.
19.Work areas should be kept ___and neat at all times.
1.Follow all written and verbal ___carefully.
3.Conduct yourself in a ____manner at all times in the laboratory.
4.If you do not understand a direction, ask the ___before proceeding.
6.Never eat, drink, chew gum, or ___anything in the science room.
7.Horseplay, practical jokes, and pranks will not be ___.
8.Consider all chemicals used in the science room to be ___.
9.Wear safety glasses or ___when instructed.
13.Do not ___chemicals, equipment, or supplies from the science room without permission.
14.Always carry a microscope with ___hand(s).
16.Use scalpels, scissors, and other ___instruments only as instructed.

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