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St. Patrick's Day

Ms. Kendra

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2.One of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. St. Patrick was born here.
5.original color associated with St. Patty's Day
7.4 leaf
8.An arc of light in the sky with many colors
12.A funny poem written with five lines. The first two lines and the last line all rhyme. The third and the fourth lines rhyme.
13.pot of gold is found at the end of __________
14.legends, music, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, fairy tales, stories, tall tales, and customs that are the traditions of a culture, subculture, or group
16.A very valuable yellow metal.
17.An island west of Great Britain. This island achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1921
20.mythical lucky guy
22.# of leaves on a lucky clover
23.________ book of world records says that they most leaves on a clover was 14
26.St. Patrick's original name
27.religion Patrick was spreading
29.St. Patrick was known as the the patron _______ of Ireland
30.month of St. Patty's Day
31.story usually concerning some being, hero or event
32.story handed down from earlier times
33.To have good things happen to you.
1.capital of Ireland
3.lucky number
4.People who attack and steal from ships at sea. Maewyn was captured by ____ and taken to Ireland.
6.city that held original St. Patty's parade
7.corned beef and ________
9."If you don't wear green, you'll get ___________"
10.large city that dyes it's river green
11.serves a Shamrock Shake
15.A common greeting in Ireland, which means "Ireland Forever!"
18.color associated with St. Patty's Day
19.worship or belief in multiple gods
21.A religious community where monks live and work. During his lifetime, Patrick established many of these in Ireland.
24.Saint Patrick was ______ by heritage.
25.St. Patrick supposedly drove the ________ out of Ireland
28.Once the pirates reached Ireland, they sold Maewyn into ____.

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