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Industrial Philosophers

Kelly Jordan

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6.When he died, his skeleton was placed in an "auto-icon". Believed that happiness could bring goodness to the people; Utilitarianism. He was also one of the first advocates for animal rights.
7.Born in Kirkcadly, Scotland. Believed that people should work for themselves and not the state which would lead to a stronger economy; a free-market. Wrote "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"
1.- Greatly influenced by Adam Smith's "The Wealth of Nations". Wanted free trade for wheat. Came up with the idea of comparative advantage.
2.Born and died in Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Wales. Believed that the work place for children should be reformed and that every child should have some education in their day.
3.Ideas were much alike to those of Jeremy Bentham’s. He was a member of the British Parliament and believed that people should be able to do anything without harming others; the ‘Harm Principle’.
4.one of the first advocates for Communism, that things should be equally shared to all people. He first published ‘The Communist Manifesto’ in 1848
5.Obsessed with stabling population. Born on Valentine's Day, 1766. Wrote, " An Essay on the Principle of Population", which later influenced Charles Darwin.

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