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Chapters 1,2,3

Hannah Lee

2   3       4
5         6   7    
        11   12
13         14       15    
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39             40   41          
43               44      

3.means 'humankind', 'earth', 'red'
5.The first thing printed on the the printed press
7.The protagonist in Genesis
9.Rebekah was married to__________.
10.He invented the printed press in 1450
13.The place where you go before you die
16.means 'prophets'
17.A religion that the people live as closely to the Hebrew law as they can
18.He came up with the verses and the chapters on the Bible
21.The Jewish Bible has no_____testament.
22.means 'Lord God'
25.means 'God'
26.On the first day God created the___________and the earth.
27.Knowing the language, stories, teachings of the bible
31.means 'writings'
32.The books of Moses
35.means 'narrative'
36.means 'creative interpretation and extropolation'
39.A part of the persian empire
41.The Jewish Bible
43.Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph were all_________in Genesis.
44.There are_______parts to the Christian Bible.
45.New Revised Standard Version
46.In______the Supreme Court made a desision that public schools couldnt aquire/teach about the Bible
1.'common' or 'of the people'
2.The primal chaos that is 'formless and void'
3.means 'giving human characteristics'
4.means 'closely related to man'
6.The Bible is a code key to the__________, figures pf speech, and plot lines of art, literature, and popular culture.
8.He translated the New Testament and half of the Old Testament with the original text
10.He was the first to translate the entire Bible into english using the Vulgate bible
11.means 'the time of Christ'
12.The "oral Torah"
14.means 'origin'
15.means 'teachings'
18.He translated the Bible into Latin
19.means 'rulings on points of law'
20.Jewish Publication Society
23.The day of rest and prayer
24.Genesis 1:12-5o show the_____________history.
26.Genesis 1:1-11 show the___________of man.
28.There are_______parts to the Torah.
29.Strucured public worship
30.means 'mother of all living'
33.The interpretations of the Torah
34.Abraham was married to__________.
37.The Hebrew people were the___________people.
38.Both Leah and Rachel were married to_________.
40.means 'delight'
42.King James Version

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