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The Ostend Manifesto and the Kansas Nebraska Act

Mr. Castillo

Spell out numbers. Do not use spaces

1       2
4       5  
7             8

1.Douglas argued that the ___ in Kansas was infertile anyway
4.Pierce was trying to purchase this island from Spain.
6.Senator Stephen Douglas's bill created this territory
7.Stephen Douglass wanted this built through the unsettled American territories to the West.
9.__sovereignty=the will of the people
10.Senator Stephen Douglas's bill created this territory
1.Northerners charge Pierce with trying to purchase add another slave ___ to the US.
2.Slaveholders were excited to bring their ___ to Kansas Territory.
3.Douglas's bill was called the Kansas-Nebraska __.
5.The Kansas Nebraska Act got overrode this Compromise
8.Senator Stephen from Illinois

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