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Kristalyn Billips

Find these 15 flavors of foods and bring them in first for a prize!

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1.a tropical fruit with milk inside
4.A big red and green fruit with seeds
9.think of Granny Smith (green)
10.Its a fruit that give you a curved yellow smile
11.a phone is named after this berry
14.its a color and a fruit
15.whipped cream with a -------- on top
2.you can get this fluffy stuff from circuses or birthday parties
3.almost everyone's favorite
5.another red berry but no seeds just a leaf
6.can be dark, milk or white
7.what does strawberries, blueberries and blackberries have in common?
8.a triangle shaped berry
12.a tiny berry with a primary color
13.cool, a small leaf thats green

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