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The Five Misfits Crossword

Misfits Productions

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10   11    

1.A bird which is active at night and eats small mammals and insects
4.Its home is China. All it does all day is eat bamboo!
6.A short journey
9.A tool used to dig holes in the ground
10.A medium sized cat that can be found in the north, cold lands
12.Its home is the South Pole
13.A tool used for climbing up or down something
14.A long vehicle used for transportation of lots of passengers
15.The smelliest animal alive!
2.An illustration of regions, roads, mountains on paper
3.A box made of wires or bars used for putting animals inside
5.An exciting but risky experience
7.A park in which animals are kept in cages for exhibition
8.It is blind and lives underground
11.A bag made of strong ropes connected to each other, used for catching animals

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