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1 2
3   4              
6               7      
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  11     12    
13     14              

3.First Secretary of USSR Communist Party
6.This doctrine promised to support nations trying to resist Soviet control/
7.The dropping of two atomics bombs brought an end to this war.
8.The Red Scare nearly destroyed the ____________ Party.
11.In 1959 the 49th satate added was _______.
13.This president's main goal was health care for everyone.
15.Popular missile used (abbr.)
1.What genre of music became popular among young people?
2.The first ______ card was produced.
4.This African American refused to give up her seat on a public bus.
5.In 1959 this became the 50th state.
9.Korean War General
10.Takes over when Cuban President Batista resigns and flees
12.1950s Soviet Leader
14.The world's first satellite, launched by the Soviet Union.

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