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Do Now Crossword

Ali Jafri

Do Now words

1 2 3 4                 5 6
7                     8                      
10                             11    
      12                       13       14
    15     16                     17   18        
    20     21                      
22                       23                    
25                                       26   27              
      28         29     30  
      31   32                          
35   36                                       37      
38                                     39                                    
    40 41     42          
  43             44                                 45                      
        52                       53
55                       56                                    
58                                           59                

3.use for painting
8.It erases what is on your artboard
10.Draws rectangle layer
12.used for painting
15.Allows you to create shapes and what ever you desire
17.opposite of raster
19.Almost like post-it notes, except it is digital
21.Used to saturate or desaturate an area on a photograph.
22.can be used to repair scratches, specs and other unwanted stuff that you don’t want on your images
25.It works like the Brush Tool except the information that it paints with is from the original state of your image.
26.To darken certain colour.
28.Just allows you to zoom in and out of your image.
32.safe area
33.ability to move a photo or any selected area within your artboard
36.allows you to select the path
38.Creates cgs
39.Type tool that goes up and down
43.used to replace colors
45.Same as the blur tool except it sharpens
46.It makes things blurry
49.vertical type tool that masks
51.Good for editing out pimples
52.This one smudges.
54.shows you the angle and length, height and width, and X and Y coordinates on the workspace
56.Allows you to create your own shape
57.useful for selecting objects with a strong contrast in colours
58.Creates a rounded rectangle
59.crops your image to the size of the box which you chose
60.The two rectangular boxes at the bottom are your color boxes. Foreground (in the front) and Background (in the back). Click on either one to bring up the color select dialog box.
2.t is great for lightening skin tones.
4.It draws a Shape Layer in the form of a rectangle by default and will fill the rectangle with whatever foreground color you have selected.
5.If someone saying 16x8
6.Just a nice tool to have for when you are zoomed in and you need to move your image around.
9.depicting depth
11.It’s for creating paths, in which you would use the Path Selection Tool to select the path.
13.Slanting apperence
16.Balanced hue
18.t functions in the exact same way except it is a direct copy
23.This is your basic text/typing tool.
24.selects any/all the colours within the radius of the tool
27.makes a selection on your image, in a rectangular shape
29.used to darken a pupil and eliminate a camera’s “red eye” effect
30.It creates a blending of your foreground color and background color when you click and drag it.
31.This allows you to select something with a unique curve or corner and is more useful than your rectangular marquee tool in some situations
34.Exactly the same applies to this tool as for the Rectangle Tool, except it is a circle/oval shape
35.Use this to select a color range
40.Allow you to click at any point unlike freehand
41.Marquee tool which allows you to choose large quantities of the picture
42.horizontal type tool that masks
44.used to change your foreground colour to whichever colour you choose to click on
47.creates raster images
48.takes a selection of pixels and matches them to a selected range of different pixels
53.splitting up one image into smaller ones when saving out

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