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Moist Heat

Sasha & Emily

If there's 2 words for an answer, leave a space.

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3.how many types of cooking methods are there for braising meat
4.cut of the cow that the cross rib pot roast comes from
8.this cooking method consists of the meat being placed on a rack on top of boiling water
9.the water temperature for this cooking method is 100 degrees
10.this cooking method consists of browning the meat in a pan and then adding liquid
11.this cooking method consists of meat being added to a liquid and heated until the collagen dissolves
1.this cooking method consists of the roast being placed fat side up in a roasting pan with liquid
2.the water temperature for this cooking method is to be kept at 70 to 81 degrees
5.this cooking method consists of cooking the meat until the fat is floating in the liquid
6.this cooking method is mostly cooked in a crock pot
7.cut of the cow that the hanging tender beef comes from
9.cooking method where you keep adding a liquid to the meat to moisten it

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