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World History: Societies of the Past (Rome 146-149) (Modified) Name: __________ ( /24)

H. Adams

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2.means "first citizen" and was the name Caesar Augustus called himself (p. 149, fig. 8.4, last 2 lilnes)
3.the father of Romulus and Remus (p. 147, textbox)
5.name given to ordinary Romans (p. 148, 1st col., 4th par., lines 3-4)
11.Today's name for the hill where Rome now stands is ____ Hill. (p. 148, 2nd par., last sentence)
12.This group of people captured the city of Rome around 600 BCE (p. 146, 2nd col., 3rd par., line 1)
13.an emperor who was a tyrant (p. 149, 2nd par., lines 1- 2)
16.an emperor who was a tyrant (p. 149, 2nd par., line 2)
18.place where Julius Caesar earned his reputation as a leader (p. 149, "The Death of Julius Caesar" 2nd par., line 3)
20.The name for the legislative assembly created by plebeians was concilium ______. (p. 148, 2nd col., 2nd par., lines 5)
21.attended senate discussions to represent plebeians (p. 148, 2nd col., 2nd par., lines 7-9)
22.Rome is situated ____ km from the mouth of the Tiber River. (p. 148, 2nd par., line 4)
1.political party who wanted to keep traditional Roman ways (p. 148, 2nd col., 4th par., lines 9-11)
4.This term meams "the majestic". (p. 149, lines 8-9)
6.Roman historian who gathered many myths and folktales of the Roman people (p. 147, textbox, last 2 lines)
7.The senators were appointed to serve in the senate for this long. (p. 148, 3rd par.last sentence)
8.Caesar was told by a soothsayer to beware the Ides of _____. (p. 149, "The Death of Julius Caesar" 2nd line)
9.This consisted of two consuls elected by voting citizens for one-year terms. (p. 148, 4th par., lines 1-2)
10.wealthy class of Romans (p. 148, 3rd par., lines 5-6)
11.political party who wanted to make changes to Roman society (p. 148, 2nd col., 4th par., lines 6-8)
12.This word comes from a word that means "victorious general". (p. 149, 1st par., lines 5-7)
14.served as judges and were elected annually by voting citizens (p. 148, 2nd col., 1st line/par.)
15.Caesar's grandnephew and successor (p. 149, 1st par., lines 3-4)
17.The Nile RIver is to Egypt as this river was to the Roman Empire. (p. 148, 2nd par., 1st line)
19.This law-making body was made up of 300 patricians. (p. 148, 1st col., 3rd par., lines 9-10)

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