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Suffixes -sive and -tive pages 30-31

Afternoon Class 03/14/2013

2               3 4
  5           6  
7   8      
11     12                
      13   14            
  16                     17

2.We were ___ when we bought our house.
5.The hostages were held ___ for months.
9.The bulletin board had ___ flyers about the school.
11.The heat was ___, so it parched the area.
13.Cost an arm and a leg means ___.
15.Martha Stewart is ___ about cooking and sewing.
16.My 4-week summer English class was ___, so I worked hard.
18.An alarm is a ___ measure against burglary.
19.I was ___ when the police officer gave me a speeding ticket.
20.The ___ parents went to prison.
1.Many of my ___ live in my native country.
3.I try to be ___, not lazy.
4.My partner is ___, so I am never bored.
6.He is ___ because he has a short temper.
7.Don't be ___; tell me what's happening!
8.Olympic athletes were ___ to win the gold last summer.
10.The video proved the ___ winner.
12.Hurricane Sandy did ___ damage on the East Coast.
14.The wheeler-dealer was very ___, so we bought the car.
17.The Eiffel Tower is a ___ landmark.

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